To pill or not to pill

50% of the adult population in the USA and the UK is currently considered obese. To many, medication looks like the perfect answer. And, quite frankly, it is not hard to understand why. Weight loss is a struggle for many people. Many suffer from stress as they deal with diet after diet with truly little success. Here is the sad news. There are no such things; they are “magic pills.” And the findings regarding weight loss medication are incomplete at best. Our recommendation is for you to stick with organic weight loss supplements and organic weight loss products.

How Weight Loss Medication Works

The truth is, most have found one, and only one, way to realistically lose weight and keep it off. That way is simply to burn more calories than you consume.

Weight loss medications work in three distinct ways. Stimulants can boost your metabolism, so you end up burning more calories. Appetite suppressants are a little different. They fool your brain into telling you that your stomach is full. This too results in fewer calories taken in. The third way weight loss medications can work is by preventing fat and other nutrients from being absorbed by the body. They are expelled, and fewer calories are retained.

So, what do most of us end up doing? We look for a more effortless way. Truthfully, we need to come to grips with two things- healthy diet and more exercise. To do otherwise could end up being detrimental to our health. The truth is, we need to come to grips with the fact that we only need two things: healthy diet and more exercise. Diet pills carry several profoundly serious health complications. This is true if you suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure, and many other medical conditions. They also come with several unwanted and unneeded side effects. Remember, there are no side effects associated with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

What Options You Have

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Nonetheless, it is obvious that millions of people are using weight loss and herbal medications on a regular basis, so below is a partial list of some of the more popular brands. Again, most of these are organic weight loss products.

Adieux, Bombril and IONAMIN OR PHENTERMINE suppress your appetite

Derex (benzenediamine hydrochloride) and Tenuta-boosts metabolism

Redistil-inhibits the reuptake of certain substances in the brain, thereby producing a “full feeling” in the stomach

Xenical-inhibits the absorption of fats into the body


This is only a partial list. New medications hit the market monthly. Do your due diligence and choose your weight loss path wisely. We hope we have helped to address your weight loss concern.

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