Possible negative effects of Dramatic weight loss

The personal benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are unquestioned. But losing weight too fast offers changes and challenges that are unwanted by most of us. Unbelievably, this too can become your weight-loss concern.

How These Effects Come Into Play

You are so proud of yourself for having lost that bothersome 12 pounds in less than a week. But now you are having to cope with some unexpected consequences. Like, for example, being unable to concentrate on various matters at hand. A lack of energy may, in fact, cause the mind to wonder. For example, when one enters a room only to forget why they entered the room in the first place. Therefore, this becomes your weight-loss concern.

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Experiencing a constant chill is another possible negative result of an unhealthy weight loss pattern. Many different foods essential to a balanced diet help to fortify the body. A sleeker body could be a weaker body. At this point, these dieters could take on a sickly appearance. In this state, the body is less fortified to protect against germs and colds.

Key Issues Encountered

Furthermore, the afore-mentioned physical changes could affect our sleep pattern. This essential body rest proves to be crucial to everything we attempt to do during the day.

To continue, dieters may endure sagging skin and stretch marks. This could also spur the development of skin tags. Skin takes longer to adjust to the current weight-loss situation. The skin does not shrink as quickly as the body does. At this point, we suggest implementing some type of resistance exercise to ensure no loss of lean muscle mass. Therefore, building new muscle would be a definite plus.

Lastly, everyday relationships may feel strained. Life can be rough, especially under these circumstances. Spouses have been known to endure abuses of all kinds due to mental changes engaged in by their partner.


We have not painted a pretty picture. Once again, the healthy way is the best way. The emphasis should be on slow, regular, measured weight loss. This creates a much healthier situation. The hardest part is getting started. Start to address your weight loss concern! We wish you much luck!

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